Mitsubishi Diesel Engine Specs

Mitsubishi produces EPA Tier 3 compliant, simple, mechanically controlled engines, while Caterpillar engine models are equipped with an electronic governor. The Mitsubishi S6R2-Y3MPTAW produces 803hp, while the Cat C32 produces 800hp. Both diesel engines offer nearly the same horsepower, but the Mitsubishi operates at much lower rate of 1400 RPM compared to Caterpillar’s 1800 RPM. Two of the most notable difference is the displacement of each engine, and the cost of parts maintenance. Engine displacement is the total swept volume of pistons within the cylinders of the engine, calculated from bore or the diameter of the cylinders and stroke (or the distance the piston travels) and most importantly for this argument the number of cylinders. Essentially the volume within one cylinder changes as the piston moves through the combustion cycle.

Both engines have nearly the same level of displacement, however Mitsubishi’s S6R2 is an in-line six cylinder engine. The Caterpillar C32, is a 12 cylinder engine. This is major when comparing the displacement of the two. On average the Mitsubishi diesel engine is producing about 5L of displacement per cylinder, as the C32 produces 2.68L per cylinder. The displacement of an engine has direct impact on power output and fuel efficiency. Also, the configuration of the in-line 6 cylinder S6R2 produces 803hp with half the number of parts as the 12-cylinder C32. This alone cuts the maintenance of parts and expenses by 50% over the life of the engine.

The fuel competitive S6R2 series stacks up well against the electronic C32 engine. The mechanical Mitsubishi diesel engine provides larger displacement rates, lower compression ratios, and minimal stress on its components. Caterpillar diesel engines are usually less weight when compared to its slow rolling competitor Mitsubishi. Light weight engines tend to place stress and strain on components, putting the longevity of its life at risk.

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