When it comes to marine engines, Scania stands out among others with quality products that operators have come to depend on. They have proven time and time again to be up to the task, ensuring the work gets done with efficiency. At Laborde Products, one of our central goals is to supply marine operators with engines that can meet their commercial needs. That’s why we offer a robust selection of Scania propulsion engines to our customers. 

Benefits of Scania Propulsion Engines

These engines range from 220 HP to 1150 HP, giving mariners the power they need to take on a variety of tasks. And, the Engine Management system, or EMS, provides enhanced control over aspects related to performance. The strength-optimized cylinder block includes wet cylinder liners, allowing for simpler exchange. Cylinder heads also feature four valves per cylinder, offering repairability and improved fuel economy. 

Speaking of improved fuel economy, Scania engines also feature injection systems based on electronically controlled unit injectors. These systems work to reduce exhaust emissions during commercial use. And, they promote improved fuel economy and high torque at low revolutions. In addition, these engines are versatile and can be further customized with the addition of optional equipment and accessories.

These options can include:

• Hydraulic pump

• Side-mounted PTO

• Front-mounted PTO

• Exhaust connections

• Electrical base system

• Control and instrument panels

• Accelerator position sensor

• Engine heater

• Power pack engine bracket

• Stiff rubber suspension

• Air cleaner

• Studs in flywheel housing

• Reversible fuel filter

• Low coolant level reaction

• Variable idle speed setting

• Low and extra low oil sump

• Long oil dipstick

• Oil level sensor

• Bilge pump

With so many options for customization available, you can enjoy the superior performance of a Scania marine engine with additional features that can make your vessel even more efficient.

Find the Scania Engine That Can Suit Your Needs

Are you ready to experience the difference of a high-performance, dependable Scania marine propulsion engine? Explore some of the options Laborde Products supplies and learn more about their specifications.

DI13 080M

The DI13 080M engine offers up to 250 HP at full load as well as 184.5 ft-lbs of gross torque. Its weight is on the lighter side at 2833lbs if equipped with a heat exchanger and 2601lbs with keel cooling. And it’s also great with fuel consumption with a rate of 3.529 l/h at half load.

DI13 086M

The larger DI13 086M engine is ideal for pleasure craft use. It has an engine speed of 2300 RPM and weighs in at 2833lbs (excluding oil and coolant). And its 12.7 liter displacement helps to reduce stress on the engine. It is also emission compliant, meeting EU RCD Stage II and U.S. Tier III requirements for pleasure craft use.

DI16 083M

The DI16 083M provides an excellent power-to-weight ratio. At a weight of 3682lbs (excluding oil and coolant), it can reach speeds of 9.24 m/s at 1800 RPM. The 16.4 liter displacement also assists in reducing engine burden. It also features an alloy steel camshaft, crankshaft, and connection rods.

Let Laborde Products Help You Find Your Scania Marine Engine

Laborde Products proudly supplies mariners with the tough, dependable, and efficient Scania marine propulsion engines they rely on. If you have questions about the products or services we offer, call us at 985-892-0107 for our Louisiana location, 281-247-8925 for Texas, or contact us online. Trust Laborde Products to help you find the marine engine you’ve been looking for.