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How much oil does my Mitsubishi Marine Engine hold?

The following answers are based on a range from low to high:

S6B3-13.7-18.5 gal

S6A3 – 18.5-26.4 gal 

S6R: 29.1-37.0 gal

S12A2-24.3-31.7 gal
S12R- 41.7-52.8 gal

S16R-51.5-68.7 gal 

What oil type is recommended for Mitsubishi large-bore engines?

Mitsubishi recommends using 15w40 oil viscosity. The most popular brands used by our customers in the Gulf South region are Shell and Chevron.

What coolant is recommended for Mitsubishi large-bore engines?

For large-bore engines, Mitsubishi recommends using LLC Coolant.
Approved brands include Delo ELC, Texaco ELC, and Caltex ELC.

How often should I change the oil in my large-bore Mitsubishi engine?

Regular oil analysis should be conducted, and the oil should be changed every 250 hours or 500 hours based on the analysis results.

What are the recommended valve and injector settings for large-bore Mitsubishi engines?

It is recommended to set the valve and injector settings every 5000 hours.

What is the recommended service interval for the engine crankcase breather filter?

The crankcase breather filter should be changed every 1000 hours.

How often should the secondary water pump belt be replaced on an S12R-Y2/S12R-Y3 engine?

It is recommended to renew the belt annually for preventive maintenance.

What is the primary cause of multiple oil leaks on a Mitsubishi engine?

Multiple oil leaks can occur on a Mitsubishi engine due to a dirty or restricted base breather or filter. The normal value for crankcase pressures is 0.5 to 1.0 INH2O.

What causes black smoke from the engine at WOT (Wide Open Throttle) RPMs?

Several factors can cause black smoke at WOT, but one common cause is an improper flow of water through the CAC (Charge Air Cooler) circuit.

What can cause the engine to stall when switching from forward to reverse?

If the engine idle drops below 575 RPM, it can cause the engine to stall when shifting between gears.