Type 4-cycle, water-cooled, diesel engine
Aspiration Natural-aspirated
No. of cylinders 3
Bore and stroke 78x92mm
Displacement 1318cc
Combustion System Swirl chamber
Firing order (Electric starting with coil starter) 1-3-2
Chaging alternator 12-50 (V-A)
Starting system 12-1.7 (V-kW)
Fuel Diesel fuel (ASTM No. 2-D)
Lub. oil capacity 4.2
Dry weight (1500/1800 rpm. spec) 135
Generator output (50 hz, 1500 rpm) St-by 10.8, Prime 9.7 (kW)
Generator output (60 hz, 1800 rpm) St-by 13.4, Prime 12.0 (kW)
Generator output (50 hz, 3000 rpm) St-by 21.2, Prime 18.3 (kW)
Flywheel SAE #7.5
Flywheel housing SAE #5
Emission compliance US EPA Tier 4a

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