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Diesel America

Laborde Products has been serving the Gulf South with Commercial Diesel Engines and Generators for more than 20 years. Our manufacturing company, Diesel America, Inc., offers diesel generators because they have a longer life span than other types of fuel. Our diesel generators provide substantially less maintenance, a higher degree of reliability and safety than gasoline or natural gas generators.

Diesel America generators are built with the highest quality components and engines, which include FPT (IVECO,) Mitsubishi and Yanmar. Diesel America offers Generators from 2.5 kW to 200 kW for industrial applications. We strive to provide our customers with the right product for their applications and back those products up by providing the service and support to ensure our products are ready when the need arises.

Diesel America can build custom packages to suite your requirements, so if you donít see what you are looking for simply call one of our sales associates to discuss how we, at Laborde Products, may be able to assist you.

In 2006, after Hurricane Katrina, Diesel America began packaging units designed for the standby markets. While we use the same heavy duty components used in our industrial units, the YIC Series of diesel generators (18 - 40 kW) are ideal for the home owner.

Unlike others who are selling into the standby market, Laborde Products and Diesel America service what we sell with our own staff of mechanics and our dealer network. Because our background is in the commercial marine industry, we are on call 24 hours per day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Laborde Products also caries diesel generators from these manufacturers: AKSA, SDMO and Broadcrown. We also carry the Yanmar YDG Series of air-cooled diesel generators. If you are in the market for Natural Gas or Propane generators, Laborde Products offers Briggs & Stratton 7 kW to 45 kW generators.

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Laborde Products Natural Gas/Propane Generator Set 150 kW, 240/480 VAC, Water-cooled, EPA Compliant
Diesel America YIN Series 8 kW- 44 kW, Yanmar Powered Diesel Engine
Diesel America IIN Series 50 kW-325 kW, FPT Powered Diesel Engine
Diesel America MIN Series 11 kW - 2000 kW, Mitsubishi Powered Diesel Engine
Yanmar Portable Generators 3.7 kW - 4.9 kW, Air-cooled, portable diesel generators
AKSA9 kW - 2000 kW
SDMO1.1 kW - 4000 kW
Broadcrown9 kW - 100 kW
Briggs & Stratton 7 kW - 45 kW, Natural Gas & Propane Generators
Diesel America YIC Series 18 kW - 43 kW, Yanmar Powered Diesel Engine, Commercial or Home Use


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