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General Parts Manager
This position is: Full Time
Position Location: Covington, LA

Laborde Products, Inc.

Job Description

Position: General Parts Manager

Reporting To: President

Location: Covington Office

Exception Status: Exempt Employee

Purpose Statement:

The General Parts Manager is responsible for the effective sale and management of our parts inventory and the management of our Parts Sales Team. We strive to fulfill every customer parts request in a timely and accurate fashion, every time.

Behavior Expectations:


Calm under Pressure

Strong Leadership and Team Building Skills

Strong Communication Skills

Willing to face difficult challenges

Problem Solver

High Energy

Personally Accountable for the team

Positive Attitude

High-Quality Standards




General Parts Operations and Administration

·Develop and implement inventory and sales strategies for each Engine and Product Manufacturer and the various Product Line.

·Develop, implement and manage effective departmental processes and procedures.

·Manage the daily operations of the Parts Department.

·Oversee and approve all Parts Invoicing and Expenses.

·Develop departmental budgets, KPI’s and Goals.

·Develop and implement strategies to achieve the budgets, KPI’s and Goals for the department.

·Manage Parts Pricing and communicate with other managers to stay informed and make adjustments, as necessary.

·Management of all internal data and systems (Customers, Engine, Online Parts Systems, etc.)

·Coordinate with other Department Leaders to manage and continually improve the cross departmental interaction between the Parts Department and all other department and branch operations.

·Develop redundancy of roles and responsibilities to ensure continuity regardless of personnel.

·Key Account Sales

·Set customers discount levels and adjust, as necessary.

Parts Sales:

·Coach the parts team to continual improvement and the achievement of their sales and personal development goals.

·Develop Performance Management Metrics for each Team Member and continuously coach your team members to achieve their goals.

·Develop and Implement a training program for everyone on the Parts Team to ensure their continual education and improvement.

·Develop Parts Initiative Programs and educate the Parts Team on the strategy to effectively execute the program.

·Support the Parts Sales Team throughout the Sales Process.

·Clearly Define the LPI Parts Sales Process and hold the Sales Team accountable to following every step in the process.

·Perform Coaching Calls with Sales Team to support and improve their performance.

·Work with the Parts Team to identify and implement changes to the sales process and systems to improve efficiency and performance.

·Review calls with the Parts Team to ensure effectiveness of the process and coach the team to better performance.

·Develop promotional parts programs to incentivize our customers to increase parts purchases and the frequency of purchase from LPI.

·Coach our team to upsell customers on every call to ensure the maximization of each opportunity.

·Review all "special” instances regarding customer discounts, returns, specific non-standard requests and/or any other unusual or profit specific circumstances where a management decision is warranted.

Inventory Management:

·Maximize the return on every dollar of inventory investment by Laborde Products.

·Implement an Inventory Management System that allows you to effectively manage the performance of the Parts Inventory.

·Continually adjust inventory levels to maximize the performance of the inventory.

·Review inventory levels with operational managers to ensure adequate inventory is stocked for company needs.

·Maintain a Future Focused Inventory Approach.

Vendor Management:

·Develop strong working relationships with all major engine and product vendors.

·Work with vendors to improve and refine our parts inventory and programs.

·Communicate our sales strategy for each product line with vendors and understand their overall strategy for the market.

·Educate our Vendors on the needs and wants of our customers and the market.

·Collaborate with other distributors to strengthen the overall brands we represent.

Warehouse Management:

·Manage the operations of the Covington Warehouse.

·Manage the effective organization and labeling of product in the warehouse to ensure timely retrieval and maximization of space.

·Implement and manage programs to ensure the safety of all warehouse and parts staff.

Shipping and Receiving Management:

·Implement Shipping and Receiving Processes and Procedures to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

·Manage the receipt and confirmation of all goods into the facility and ensure any discrepancies are investigated and resolved.

·Manage the shipping and delivery of all goods out of the facility and ensure any discrepancies are investigated and resolved.

·Ensure all product is effectively packaged to maximize the potential for a safe, undamaged, delivery.

Metrics for Measurement:

Financial Performance of the Department

Individual Performance of the Parts Team Members

Development and Improvement of the Sales Team

Efficiency of the Parts Operations

o Inventory Management

o Inventory Turn Ratios

o Fill Rates

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