DI13 080M



Gross power, full load (kW) 257
Gross power, full load (hp, metric) 350
Gross power, propeller curve (hp, metric) 257
Gross torque (Nm) 350
Spec fuel consumption. Full load (g/kWh) 1363
Spec fuel consumption. 3/4 load (g/kWh) 205
Spec fuel consumption. 1/2 load (g/kWh) 215
Spec fuel consumption. Propeller curve (l/h) 237
Optimum feel consumption (g/kWh) 63
Heat rejection to coolant (kW) 198
Engine Speed 1800 RPM
No of cylinders 6 in-line
Working principle 4-stroke
Firing order 1-5-3-6-2-4
Displacement 12.7 liters
BorexStroke 130 x 160mm
Compression Ratio 17.3:1
Weight 1285kg (engine with heat exchanger), 1180kg (engine with keel cooling
Piston speed @ 1800 RPM 9.6 m/s
Camshaft High position alloy steel
Pistons Steel pistons
Connection rods I-section press forgings of alloy steel
Crankshaft Alloy steel with hardened and polished bearing surfaces
Oil capacity 28-34 dm^3 (standard oil sump)
Electrical system 2-pole, 24 V DC


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