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THE SUM OF ALL PARTS - Friday, March 1, 2019

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Due to substantial growth, Laborde Products recently expanded its procurement department, with long-time veteran Dan Murphy leading the way. With this development, there was a need to satisfy the position for a new parts manager. Discovering a parts manager to fill Murphy's shoes would not be an easy feat. Laborde Products looked high and low for Joe Scott, a Kansas City native, residing in Dayton, Ohio who left behind freezing temperatures for the intrepid deep south to fulfill this role. Scott has a valuable history in the automotive industry with over ten years of experience in dealing with parts. In speaking with Scott, he explained "I've always loved being around engines, but didn't necessarily want to become a mechanic. Being in parts allowed me to have the best of both worlds." With his background, and desire to leave the cold, it was no question that he was the best fit. Laborde Products provides heavy-duty engines, equipment, service and support to meet the needs of the Marine and Industrial/Oilfield markets. As an Engine Distributor, they provide approximately one-third of the United States as well as the U.S. Gulf Coast with both marine and industrial equipment. Laborde Products is greater than the sum of its parts and are glad to have Joe Scott as a new addition to their ever-growing team!


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