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The Right Products for the Marine Industry
Laborde Products' marine diesel engines are available for a wide range of applications. Our experienced marine sales staff will help you select the right engine for your application.

For Heavy Duty Commercial we offer proven Mitsubishi Heavy Duty Marine Diesel Engines. These engines are in service throughout the world in push boats, fishing vessels, passenger vessels, crew and supply boats. When Push Comes to Shove, Laborde and Mitsubishi have the Right product for your application.

For Military and Light Duty Commercial we offer Yanmar Marine Diesel Engines to meet the most extreme conditions. The United States Navy Seals have selected Laborde and Yanmar to power their newest Riverine Assault Craft. The United States Coast Guard is using Yanmar in their Small Ribs for the new 87 ft. Coastal Patrol Boats. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has selected Yanmar to power survey boats and Gulf Coast fishermen are installing Yanmar diesels in their skiffs.

For Pleasure Boats we offer a full line of proven Yanmar Marine Diesel Engines suitable for sail or powerboat applications. Yanmar has captured more than 75% if the sailboat market, and more than 50% of the re-power of pleasure boats in the 150 to 500 hp range. Yanmar's philosophy of More Power and Less Weight produces engines which offer better performance with excellent economy.

Laborde Products now offers OXE diesel outboard engines, the world’s first high performance diesel outboard that has set new standards for durability, fuel-efficiency and low emissions for an outboard engine. The OXE Diesel Outboard fulfills the NATO "single-fuel” directive and is an ideal solution for naval, military, rescue and commercial applications.

Barge Power UnitsFully mechanical, Class1, Division 1 Barge Power Units are U.S.C.G. MSC certified and are offered in stainless or aluminum enclosures.
Commercial Marine Propulsion

Reliable engines are crucial for you, your crew and your clients. Laborde Products offers power solutions through its line of commercial marine engines.

Marine Equipment Laborde Products suppliers a wide range of marine accessories for both Sail Boat and Power Boat applications as well as Commercial and Work Boat applications.
Pumps Diesel America Pumps have now become the standard pump in the inland waterways as it has allowed vessel operators to get explosive gasoline off their boats. Yanmar and Hatz air-cooled diesel engines are the most compact and lightest in the industry and are the engines of choice for these applications.
Recreational Marine Propulsion

Recreational boat owners should not have to worry about their propulsion engines. Laborde Products offers durable engines that are not only fuel-efficient, but also easy to maintain.



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