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Marine Generator Sets

Diesel America logoDiesel America is a division of Laborde Products. We package a wide range of diesel powered generators sets. The company began its involvement with diesel generator in the early 1980's by purchasing GM2-71 take out generators from the railroad industry. Laborde Products found that it could refurbish the generators and sell them to shrimp boat operators. Soon after, Laborde Products became a Yanmar distributor and began packaging generators featuring Yanmar diesel engines for both marine and industrial applications.

Laborde Products' focus has always been on the industrial and marine commercial markets, thus our products are built for heavy duty applications. We build open frame, keel cooled generator units specifically for the marine industry.

MASE logoMase Marine Generators, powered by Yanmar engines, feature low sound and vibration levels, efficient size, and built-in sound shields. Mase GenSets combine practical design with Italian style. Laborde Products offers 10 Mase diesel-powered generators ranging from 2.2 kW to 29 kW. Mase GenSets are powered by reliable Yanmar diesel engines and cooled by an exclusive Intercooler System. The GenSets are designed and manufactured at Mase's headquarters in Italy.

Mase's unique Intercooler System creates a capsule of internal re-circulating air that assists the heat exchanger's internal cooling, keeping the engine and alternator at their ideal operating temperature while significantly reducing the ambient temperature outside the GenSet.
Diesel America YKN Series Yanmar Keel Cooled, 8 kW - 44 kW
Diesel America IKN SeriesFPT Keel Cooled, 50 kW - 325 kW
Diesel America MKN SeriesMitsubishi Keel Cooled, 11 kW - 40 kW
Mase GeneratorsYanmar Keel Cooled, 2.2 kW - 29 kW


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