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Marine Equipment
Marine Sanitation Devices (MSD) U.S.C.G. & I.M.O. 159 (55) Certified. Rated capacities from 3 crew members to over 700 crew members. Units to treat Black Water Only or Black and Grey Water applications.
Oily Water SeparatorsU.S.C.G. & I.M.O. 107 (49) Approved. Capacities form 2.2 GPM to 45 GPM.
Ultra Violet Purifiers (UV's)Capacities from 10 GPM to over 1,000 GPM.
Water FiltersStainless steel housing. 14 GPM to 400 GPM.
Fuel FiltrationCapacities from 1 GPM to over 1,000 GPM. Custom skids.
Hot Oil Heaters Capacities from 400,000 to 20,000,000 BTU's.
Reverse Osmosis WatermakersCapacities from 200 GPM to over 50,000 GPM. Options for Media Filters, Remineralizers and more.
Reduction Gears Transmission for demanding applications.
Cooling Systems Coolers for all engines and gears.


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