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Laborde Products offers a full range of industrial diesel engines including both liquid-cooled and air-cooled applications. As distributors of Yanmar, Mitsubishi, PSI, FPT and Hatz diesel engines we can help you select the right engine for most every application, and we have a large range of horsepower options from 4.8 hp to more than 300 hp.

For Offshore Applications we can provide custom coatings to make our engines more corrosion-resistant as we frequently do for the diving industry. This helps reduce downtime and extends the engine life in harsh offshore environments.

For Land Based Applications our Yanmar and Hatz air-cooled diesel engines are suitable for portable hydraulic power, pumps, generators and other applications where light-weight, portability and low noise levels are critical. Our larger Hatz air-cooled engines and Yanmar and Mitsubishi liquid-cooled engines are suitable for larger skid mounted packages.

We custom package a wide range of diesel powered products to meet our customer's requirements. Tell us about the application, and we will help you select and package the right product.

Air Compressors Premium lightweight air compressor well suited for use in construction, marine, petroleum, and other industries where situations dictate the use of diesel power.
Industrial EnginesLaborde  represents national diesel power equipment manufacturers as distributors for the Gulf Coast region.
Generators Light-weight portable diesel generators and heavy duty, skid mounted, radiator-cooled generators to meet a wide range of applications, from 2 kW to more than 200 kW.
Pumps Laborde offers more than 30 different models including 2, 3 and 4 inch centrifugal and trash pumps. Our pumps are enclosed in stainless steel roll cages for harsh saltwater environments or available in aluminum, where light-weight portability is critical.
Pressure Washers Available up to 3500 psi, and larger skid mounted units are available with both hot and cold water up to 6000 psi.
Power Units 173 hp - 300 hp Mechanical Power Units
Irrigation Units Diesel America Irrigation Pumps are available in configurations of 5 hp - 500 hp.



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