For two generations, the Laborde family has been a major player in the offshore oil and gas industry. In 1998, Tracy Laborde bought the company, formerly known as Star Power Services, which at the time was primarily a distributor of Yanmar engines.
Laborde Products BuildingUnder his leadership and with his extensive experience in the commercial marine industry, Laborde expanded, crediting its deal with Mitsubishi as a landmark in company history. After a year of discussions and a trip to Japan, Mitsubishi agreed to a long-term commitment with Laborde and a stable, mutually-beneficial relationship was born.

Laborde Products now carries Mitsubishi, Yanmar, Hatz, FPT (Fiat Powertrain Technologies) and SteyrMotors engines for the marine and industrial markets. Laborde also builds stand-alone products including diesel pumps and generators under its own brand, Diesel America and offers an array of other related equipment and accessories.

Providing the best service and products has allowed Laborde Products to develop strong ties and long-term relationships with its customers. We've accomplished so much in the past 20 years and we look forward to what we'll achieve in the next decade.

The Laborde Family – History Line

The Oil and Gas Industry

1954 - ODECO

Alden "Doc" LabordeAlden "Doc” Laborde, an Annapolis Naval Academy graduate, joined Kerr-McGee after servicing as an Naval Officer in World War II. As a marine superintendent, he saw first-hand the difficulty associated with drilling offshore under varying conditions of water depth, wind and wave action.

He introduced a new drilling concept to Kerr-McGee, but they declined to build his barge. Doc went on to design the submersible drilling rig and team up with Charles Murphy of Murphy Oil and built the first submersible drilling rig, named "Mr. Charlie” which was what Charles Murphy father was commonly called.

They formed ODECO ( Ocean Drilling & Exploration Company) which became a leading company in the oil and gas industry. Doc Laborde retired in 1977 at the age of 61, but has remained active starting new companies to service and support the oil and gas industry. In 1985, he was selected by Fortune Magazine for induction into the National Business Hall of Fame.

1955 - Tidewater Marine Service

John P. Laborde, working with his older brother saw the need for specialized marine vessels to John P. Labordeservice and support the emerging offshore oil and gas industry. In 1956 the M/V Ebb Tide was launched as the world’s first offshore vessel tailor-made to support the offshore oil and gas industry.

The Ebb Tide was the first of a growing fleet of Tidewater Marine vessels. At the time of John’s retirement as Chairman, CEO and President of Tidewater, the company operated more than 700 vessels worldwide.

1968 - Tidewater Compression

In the 1960’s under the leadership of John P. Laborde, Tidewater acquired South Coast Gas Company and formed Tidewater Compression Services. The company acquired Halliburton and Brazos compression businesses in 1994 and in 1998 Universal Compression was formed and the company acquired Universal Compression which goes public on the New York Stock Exchange.

1970s – 1990s - Tidewater Marine

John P. Laborde had four sons and one daughter, and during this period the oldest John "Tracy” Laborde went into the banking business, Cliffe Laborde studied law and later joined Tidewater Marine where he remained an key executive for more than 15 years. John "Peter” P. Laborde, Jr. began his professional career with Tidewater in 1979 where he was engaged in regional marine marketing for Tidewater. Gary Laborde the youngest son, also studied law.

1995 -  Laborde Marine

Laborde Marine is founded by Peter Laborde in 1995. His brother Tracy Laborde was involved in managing the startup company. They company acquired six vessels initially and later sold them to TRICO. The first new construction of the growing fleet was started in 1998. Laborde Marine now operates more than five supply boats and fourteen crew boats.

1996 - Laborde Lift

John P. Laborde formed Laborde Marine Lifts, in May of 1996. In February of 1998 the company received delivery of it’s first 175 ft, the LABLIFT III. John’s youngest son Gary Laborde, who had practiced Maritime Law for seven years, became the company’s President and Peter Laborde served as the companies Vice President. Laborde Marine Lifts was sold to to Hercules in 2007.

1998 - Laborde Products

John "Tracy” Laborde acquires Star Power, a small engine distributor located in Covington, Louisiana. Laborde Products was formed and working with existing management has grown the company’s product offerings and revenue. Currently Laborde Products is the largest distributor for Mitsubishi Marine Engines in North America. The company has two offices, located in Covington, Louisiana and  Houston, Texas.

Laborde Products is an engine distributor handling Mitsubishi, Yanmar, FPT, Steyr and Hatz engine lines. Laborde Products is also an equipment packager, offering a line of diesel pumps, pressure washers, generator sets, power units and other custom built equipment.

Tracy Laborde also had four sons. Brian Laborde joined Laborde Products in 2010, after working for Martin Gas for several years. Brian is now the company’s President. Trace Laborde, worked in the marine industry with a marine gear distributor for several years before joining Laborde Products in 2013.



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