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Project Engineer
This position is: Full Time
Position Location: Covington, LA

Laborde Products, Inc.

Job Description

Position: Project Engineer

Reporting To: Engineering Manager

Location: Covington Office

Exception Status: Exempt Employee

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Engineer is to provide our teams with engineering support and expertise for all our current and future products.

Behavior Expectations

Organized Calm under Pressure

Strong Leadership and Team Building Skills Strong Communication Skills

Willing to Face Difficult Challenges Problem Solver

High Energy Personally Accountable for the team

Positive Attitude High Quality & Performance Standards

Committed Trustworthy


∑ BS in Mechanical Engineering

∑ 2 Year minimum experience in the field and design

∑ Curriculum Vitae

∑ FE Certified


General Engineering

∑ Maintain Engineering Files for All Products

∑ Develop processes and procedures to maximize the effectiveness of the engineering function.

∑ Organize and Prioritize all Engineering Projects

∑ Coordinate with all department managers to ensure all engineering projects are on track and the expectations of the managers are achieved.

∑ Capable of providing sound calculations & technical recommendations, efficiently.

∑ Perform new development design reviews with engine manufacturer engineers.

∑ Perform application tests to ensure proper function of equipment and compliance with engine manufacturer and Laborde guidelines.

∑ Design and draft project packages with performance, reliability, and economy as priorities.

∑ Develop schedules for each individual new build project to ensure target dates are achieved.

∑ Evaluate technical bid packages.

∑ Develop and submit Request for Quotation (RFQ) packages to vendors including all specifications and requirements.

Sales Support

∑ Work with sales teams when existing product modifications are necessary or new products must be designed to meet a customerís needs.

∑ Establish a solid understanding of the customersí requirements and use of our products.

∑ Spend time with customers and sales team to develop relationships and understanding.

∑ Ensure new and modified products are correctly applied by customers.

Service Support

∑ Provide engineering support to our Service Team, Dealers and Customers for all LPI products.

∑ Participate and engage in root cause investigations by providing technical expertise and data to support the findings.

∑ Investigate repetitive service issues or failures with the support of service and production teams.

∑ Develop more effective testing procedures to help ensure accurate findings and solutions.

Production Support

∑ Develop and review engineering drawings for all production packaged products.

∑ Review and make recommendations to improve production processes.

∑ Review and discuss failure or service trends with Service and Production Team

∑ Coordinate the solutions for product improvement campaigns or full recalls, when necessary.

∑ In conjunction with the production manager, develop production procedures so equipment is assembled uniformly.

∑ Lead the Quality Control process to ensure quality issues are identified, investigated and rectified in a timely manner.

Vendor Support

∑ Coordinate with engine partners engineering teams to communicate the needs of LPI and the market.

∑ Manage the Engineering relationship with engine partners to establish confidence with LPI.

∑ Coordinate with engine partners engineering teams when engine modifications are necessary or changes are needed for our applications.

∑ Coordinate and communicate technical information with fabricators & sub-contractors.

Metrics for Measurement

∑ Log successful vs. problematic designs to lead to better future builds.

∑ Keep track of scheduling metrics to validate future schedule allotment.

∑ Perform quality evaluations of everything to grade all aspects of the products. The grading can help decisions in the future for assembly methods/capability, vendor selection, etc.



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