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Dealer Development Manager
This position is: Full Time
Position Location: Covington, LA
The Dealer Development role is responsible for the successful management and continual improvement of the Laborde Products Dealer Network throughout all our areas of responsibility (AOR’s) for the engine brands we represent. This role will work with our current and future dealers to provide support for our existing customer and expand parts, service, engine and product sales through the Dealer Network.

Behavior Expectations:
  • Excessively Organized 
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Available to Travel Regularly 
  • Calm Under Pressure
  • Willing to face difficult challenges 
  • Problem Solver
  • High Energy 
  • Personally Accountable
  • Positive Attitude
  • High-Quality Standards
  • Committed 
  • Intelligent
  • Analytical 
  • Trustworthy

Dealer Network Management

•Ensure all Dealers are following the Laborde Products (LPI) Dealer Standards and are fulfilling all contractual obligations.

•Renew all Dealer Agreements on an Annual Basis.

•Perform Dealer Assessments on an Annual Basis for each dealer and develop an Improvement Program, if necessary, to continually improve the performance of our Dealers.

•Visit Dealers Quarterly to discuss opportunities, performance and areas for improvement.

•Consistently increase dealer parts, service and product sales year over year.

•Coordinate with engine manufacturers and Department Leader to ensure all necessary market areas have dealers in place.

•Ensure the LPI Dealer Maps and contact information is up to date at all times.

•Plan and execute effective Dealer Meetings with various Dealer Groups on an annual basis.

Dealer Sales

•Collaborate and support Dealers with sales opportunities and any issues that may develop or challenge the sales process.

•Work with Dealers to develop marketing and promotional materials to help stimulate sales and service opportunities in line with LPI and manufacturer standards.

•Track Dealer sales opportunities and coordinate with the respective Department Leader to identify and implement programs to stimulate Dealer sales.

•Educate Dealers and their teams on LPI, our Engine Manufacturers and the competitive advantages of our engines and products.

•Support Dealers at industry events and trade shows.

Dealer Service & Parts

•Ensure Dealer has the appropriate personnel and equipment to support our customer.

•Promote Service Training for Dealer’s Technicians.

•Verify parts inventory requirements are being followed and work with Dealers to ensure the right parts inventory is in stock.

•Inventory Consignment Parts, when necessary, and communicate with Accounting Department.

•Communicate promotional programs to the Dealer Network and encourage participation.

•Assist Dealer with Warranty issues.

•Ensure Dealers receive up to date Parts and Service Manuals for all engines and products.

•Promote the use of our Online Parts System and perform training and troubleshooting for the dealers.

Metrics for Measurement
1.Dealer Product & Parts Sales
2.Dealer Assessment Scorecard
3.Transition of Dealers from Silver to Gold Status

Knowledge and Skills Requirements
•Strong Interpersonal Communication Skills
•Knowledge of engines, industrial equipment, commercial marine vessels would be preferred
•Strong Computer Skills (Microsoft Suite, ERP Systems Experience, etc.)



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