Here are articles that have appeared in industry publications about Laborde Products, Inc.

11/9/2001 Laborde Enters Marine Engine Agreement
8/1/2005 Iveco Motors North America Names Laborde Products, Inc. as New Distributor
11/7/2007 Laborde Products Expanding to Texas
01/13/2009Laborde Provides Navy With Yanmar Training
2/27/2009 Laborde Added National Maintenance and Repairs to Dealer Network
07/20/2009Laborde Delivers Engines to Tugboat
9/7/2009 Laborde Signs Diesel Power Equipment as Southwest Industrial Dealer
3/4/2010 Diesel Engines Replace Gas on Wakeboard Craft
1/1/2011 Laborde Repowers Mighty Eagle Push Boat
3/24/2011 Laborde Products Welcomes SouthWestern Member Pioneer Equipment
4/27/2011 Laborde Appoints Performance Power Systems as Dealer
5/9/2011 Laborde Brings Performance Power Systems on Board
6/1/2011 Mechanical 173 HP Power Unit is Perfect for Barge Pumps
6/13/2011 Laborde Products Donates to Tornado Victims
7/3/2011 Laborde Products, Inc. Profile
07/24/2011Laborde Completes Three 1,400KW Gensets for UK Wind Project
08/17/2011Laborde Supplies Yanmars to Power Boats for Export
9/1/2011 Maritime Transportation: Laborde Supplies Yanmars to Power Boats for Export
9/19/2011 Laborde Welcomes New Louisiana Dealer
10/02/2011Laborde: McKinney is One Hundred Percent in Favor of Mitsubishi
10/4/2011 Laborde Repowers Push Boats for Mid-stream Fueling
11/16/2011Osage Repowers with Laborde and Mitsubishi
12/5/2011 Laborde Products Honors Mitsubishi with Engineering Award
12/8/2011 On the Waterfront: The WorkBoat Show Network
12/16/2011Mitsubishi S12A2 Engine to Power New Towing Vessel Mac Andrew McKinney
1/2/2012 Laborde Repowers Inland Waterway Pushboat
1/3/2012 Third Mitsubishi Installation Powers LA Carriers
8/1/2012 Yanmar Targets Patrol-boat Market
8/23/2012 Laborde Products adds David DiSalvo to Sales Staff
09/07/2012Barge Power Units
10/1/2012 Laborde Products Donates Yanmar 4-Stroke Engine to SELU
10/17/2012Laborde Increases Sales
10/17/2012Laborde Increases Sales with Mitsubishi Tier 3 Engines
10/26/2012LSU Energy Law Center to be Named in Honor of John P. Laborde ('49)
2/22/2013 Laborde Repowers Ro Ro Cargo Carriers in Bahamas
2/25/2013 Laborde Builds Up Industrial Sales Team
3/25/2013 Silver Ships Delivers 880-hp Navy Patrol Boats
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6/28/2013 Laborde Introduces New FPT Engines with Sales Presentations
10/7/2013 Laborde Launches New Compact Power Unit
10/14/2013Vapor Power and Laborde Products Announce New Partnership
10/25/2013Laborde Opens New Texas Division
11/12/2013Mitsubishi-Powered Craft Completes Crane Barge Tow
12/23/2013Laborde Diesel Generators Help Power Energy Giant
5/14/2014 The GONSOULIN 540
7/31/2014 Marcon International 2014 Sales and Charters
4/8/2015 US Tank Barge Regs Loom, Laborde Presses Mitsubishiís 'Mechanical Advantage'
7/6/2015 YANMARís Clean Diesel Marine Engines at Work on Eco-Sensitive Gulf Coast Waters



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