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Yanmar Targets Patrol-boat Market - 8/1/2012 -

By K. Hocke –

Five years ago, there were no production patrol boats coming out of the U.S. marketplace with Yanmar engines.

That changed after Laborde Products in Covington, La., acquired Star Power and became the Yanmar distributor in the Gulf Coast region. Yanmar had been targeting the pleasure-boat market, but Laborde saw commercial opportunities in a Gulf market known for its strong workboat presence.

Laborde’s chief operating officer, Doug Oehrlein, convinced Yanmar executives that they should target the workboat sector in the Gulf.

Oehrlein got Yanmars put on the RIB tenders Silverships/AMBAR was building at the time to fit on the stern of the 87-foot coastal patrol boats being constructed at Bollinger Shipyards. (Those RIBs are now being built by Zodiac but continue to be powered by Yanmar engines.)

"When it comes to small patrol-boat applications, Yanmar is the hottest ticket in town,” said Oehrlein.

Some other applications:

  • U.S. Navy Seal boats being built at United States Marine Inc. (Laborde Products)
  • U.S. Marine Corps’ SURF Program boats being built at Safe Boats International (Cascade Engine Center, Seattle)
  • Ocean Technical Services’ entry into the U.S. Coast Guard’s RB-M (Response Boat-Medium) competition (Laborde Products)
  • Zodiac Marine’s Over-The-Horizon RIBs (Land Sea, Delta, British Columbia)
  • U.S. Coast Guard drug interdiction vessels built by Fountain Power Boats (Mack Boring, Union, N.J.)

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