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Mechanical 173 HP Power Unit is Perfect for Barge Pumps - 6/1/2011 -

By The Maritime Executive Staff - The Maritime Executive


Due to EPA emission requirements, many engines are now electronically controlled, creating a dangerous potential spark source and making maintenance exceedingly difficult. In an industry where downtime is incredibly costly, Chem-Carriers and Ingram Barge Company need reliable engines to power their barge pumps.

Laborde Products supplied both businesses with entirely mechanical, heavy-duty 173 hp Radiator Cooled Diesel Power Units and the results were impressive. Based in Sunshine, Louisiana, Chem-Carriers is a marine cargo handler in the chemical transportation business. They have 28 chemical barges and tough regulations to meet. There's no room for error. "I love that Laborde's power unit is not an electronic control engine," said Warren Berthelot of Chem-Carriers. "There's no spark source and no battery or explosive protection devices needed." Their first unit worked out so well, they bought five more.

The durable Radiator Cooled Diesel Power Units deliver the drive power necessary to pump fluids out of the barges when they reach their destination. "We've had our first pump unit now for over a year and we haven't had a single problem," said Berthelot. "I really like how quiet it is with the silencer cabinet. You can actually have a conversation next to it."

Ingram Barge Company has been a leading marine transporter on America's waterways since 1946. The company has superior customer service, information systems and training and safety practices. Dedicated to continuous improvements to provide the best possible service, Ingram purchased their first power unit last fall. "We are very happy with the barge pump unit," said Ingram's vice president of barge maintenance and service Rick Harnack. "We've had it for a trial period of 4 months or so and are planning to buy 20 more for the new barges over the next 1-1/2 years."

Powered by an FPT (formerly Iveco) engine, the state-of-the-art power unit produces 173 hp at 2,200 rpm. Available with a hydraulic or air starting system, it features an insulated exhaust system wrap, single or double side doors and powder-coated or stainless steel enclosure. A center point lifting eye is optional. Laborde will also custom build the unit to fit their customers' requirements.

"I enjoy working with Laborde," said Harnack. "They are a very responsive to our needs." "Laborde is a great company to work with and we will continue to work with them in the future," said Berthelot. "Chris Cerullo is very helpful and when we get together, things get done."

Laborde distributes a wide range of quality products to the industrial and marine markets. They offer FPT, Mitsubishi, Yanmar and Hatz engines and package their own diesel-powered equipment under Diesel America. Contact Laborde Products, 74257 Hwy 25, Covington, LA 70435. 985-892-0107; Fax: 985-898-5824.;

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