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Laborde Repowers Inland Waterway Pushboat - 1/2/2012 -

By Maritime Executive Staff - The Maritime Executive

Plant Recovery Company (PRC) is dedicated to bringing both environmentally trained employees and the best equipment to each of their projects. So when it was time to repower one of its commercial vessels, PRC turned to Laborde Products.

PRC's M/V Victoria is a pushboat used for transporting barges through inland waterways. Laborde installed Mitsubishi S12R-Y1MPTA engines, rated 1,180 hp at 1,600 rpm. It also installed Twin Disc MG 540 transmissions and new RW Fernstrum grid coolers.

"I talked to people that had Mitsubishi engines and they were all happy," said Marc Atkins of PRC. "We couldn't be happier with our engines. Laborde is one of the best companies you could ever work with. They set the standard on what customer service should be. You couldn't ask for a better group of people."

PRC offers a wide range of services to the industrial business sector. For three generations, it has specialized in the dismantling, re-erection, demolition or closing of idle plants and equipment, the acquisition of used process equipment and the investment recovery of idle assets.

Laborde is the largest Mitsubishi Marine distributor in North America with a far-reaching territory from Texas to Florida and New Orleans to Minneapolis. Excellent for the extremely heavy-duty tug and push boat applications, Mitsubishi engines typically offer significantly larger displacement and more mass. Extremely easy to maintain, each cylinder has its own head and the engine has large inspection covers on the crankcase and oil pan. The other great advantage with Mitsubishi engines is that they are all EPA compliant, but with mechanical governors. No complex electronics are required to meet the emission standards.

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