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Laborde Products, Inc. Profile - 7/3/2011 -

By WorkBoat Staff -

Providing diesel engines, diesel powered equipment, service and support to meet the needs of the Marine and Industrial markets. As an Engine Distributor, we provide the United States Gulf Coast and Inland Waterways with both marine and industrial engines. We also package diesel powered generators, pumps, pressure washers and other custom diesel powered equipment. Including Class 1, Division 1 U.S.C.G. approved Barge Pump Power Units.


Diesel America

Laborde Product's Diesel America division uses the same diesel engines we distribute to package a wide range of power equipment. These include 7kw to 150kw generators, portable pumps, and pressure washers. Diesel America also builds Class 1 Division 1 approved barge power units.

FPT Industrial Engines

FPT offers a wide range of industrial diesel engines from approximately 85 hp to 500 hp. These units are available as power units, base engines and generator drive applications. The barge pump package shown is a USCG approved fully mechanical package meeting Class 1, Division 1 requirements.

FPT Marine Propulsion

FPT Marine engines are available for high speed commercial and military applications up to 700 hp. The engine offers high output with small weight, compact package for the high speed application.

Hatz Air-Cooled Industrial Diesel Engines

Hatz offers a range of industrial air-cooled diesel engines from 4 hp to 65 hp. For years the diving industry has embraced the 2M41 and 3M41 series engines.

Mitsubishi Heavy Duty Marine Propulsion Engines

Mitsubishi offers large displacement marine engines (429hp to 1568hp) with simple mechanical / hydraulic governor systems, individual heads, access ports to bearings and other large engine features designed for the heavy duty marine application. Mitsubishi Engines meet EPA Tier 3 requirements.

Mitsubishi Industrial Engines

Laborde Products also represents Mitsubishi small bore and large bore Industrial engines, with power ranging from 12hp to 2000hp.

Yanmar Industrial Engines

Laborde Products is a large consumer of Yanmar L series engines ranging from 4.8 hp to 10 hp and liquid cooled 3 and 4 cylinder diesel engines up to approximately 100hp for variable speed and generator drive applications.

Yanmar Marine Propulsion

Yanmar Marine engines are high speed and light weight for military and recreational applications. They are available in the 9 hp to 900 hp range. Yanmar Commerical Engines are available from 380 hp to 1600 hp and will also be on display at the International WorkBoat Show.

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