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Laborde Introduces New FPT Engines with Sales Presentations - 6/28/2013 -

By Thomasnet Staff -

To showcase its new FPT Tier 4 Final engines, Laborde Products' industrial sales team headed by Mike Correnti has recently hit the road. Laborde is meeting with OEMs and servicing dealers to make them aware of industry changes and clarify misinformation regarding Tier 4 Final emission technologies. As industrial diesel engine manufacturers develop different strategies to meet the evolving requirements of US EPA emission regulations, a variety of technologies are being used to meet the challenge.

Since the start of Tier 4 Interim, FPT Industrial Engines have maintained an SCR-only technology. This after-treatment system has a minimum impact on equipment architecture and lowest possible increase in cost, an objective achieved through patented technology with more than six years and over 250,000 engines already produced. FPT's new Tier 4 Final product line-up includes six different engine displacements, including 4.5 liter, 6.7 liter, 8.7 liter, 10.3 liter, 12.9 liter and 16 liter, with horsepower ranges from 109 hp to 778 hp.

One of the presentations was at Hydessco in Kilgore, Texas. J.D. Clark, chief operating officer at Hydessco said, "I want to thank Laborde and the industrial sales team for their presentation. I think we all learned some things and we look forward to working with Laborde."

Joe Manning, Laborde Products Texas general manager, added, "The presentation these guys put together is very good. I appreciate their hard work and I'm sure it will benefit us. I am really enthused about our potential with the Tier 4 FPT product."

There are many advantages of the SCR-only approach. These include no EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) or DPF (diesel particular filter), increased equipment productivity due to better transient response, and no additional turbocharger complexity. This approach also offers low operating costs due to low engine wear and long maintenance intervals (up to 600 hours), zero down time associated with the maintenance and cleaning processes of a DPF and greater fuel efficiency and engine performance.

Minimal engine design changes and a state-of-the-art after-treatment system offer flexibility and ease of installation. Minimal new technology also improves durability and reliability. There are no additional cooling system requirements for either radiator dimensions or fan drives.

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