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Laborde Enters Marine Engine Agreement - 11/9/2001 -

By MarineLink Staff

Laborde Products, Inc. of Covington, La. has entered into a Marine Engine Distribution Agreement with Mitsubishi Engine North America, Inc. This agreement includes the full range of MHI large bore marine engines as well as MMC Diesel Engines for generator packages and barge pump power packages. Although Mitsubishi offers a full range of marine propulsion engines with horsepower up to 1,500, Laborde will begin its effort with the Mitsubishi model S6A3-MPTA, rated at 483 hp @ 1,840 rpm. This heavy-duty 18.56-liter diesel engine was selected because it meets a wide range of potential re-power applications within the inland towing industry.

It is positioned as a replacement engine for many of the older two-stroke diesel engines used in the towing industry for propulsion and pumps that no longer meet current emission standards. The S6A3-MPTA meets current emission requirements and is IMO certified. Mitsubishi technology allows them to meet the emission requirements without electronic injection.

Doug Oehrlein, COO for Laborde, said, "Our plan is to move forward with Mitsubishi step-by-step, starting with this one engine. We want to ensure Laborde is doing a good job supporting this engine in the market before we add additional models to the mix. The Laborde family has been in the business of operating vessels for many years. We understand that providing service and parts support to our customers is critical to their business' success. For this reason, Laborde is maintaining this engine and its parts in stock at our Covington warehouse. Moreover, Mitsubishi maintains a large inventory of product in their Chicago and Seattle-based warehouses.

The Mitsubishi line of quality heavy-duty marine engines will help Laborde attain our goal of penetrating the commercial marine market." In addition to main propulsion, Laborde will also offer Mitsubishi powered generator packages to complement the main engines. Peter Gallegos, National Sales & Marketing Manager for Mitsubishi Engine North America indicates, "I am delighted to have this program in place with Laborde Products. Laborde is well positioned to bring our marine diesel engines to the Inland and Gulf Coast Marine markets.

The Laborde Family has operated vessels in the marine industry for more than 50 years so they understand what operators expect in the way of service and support." John P. Laborde, Chairman of Laborde Products, was the former CEO & Chairman of Tidewater Marine Services while other Laborde family members are active in operating supply boats and lift boats in the Oil and Gas Industry. Tracy Laborde, President, acquired 20-year old Star Power in 1998 and renamed it Laborde Products, Inc. Since then Laborde has moved the company closer to the commercial marine markets.

Besides distributing the Mitsubishi brand, Laborde also distributes Yanmar Diesel Engines for the Gulf Coast. While Yanmar has a full range of pleasure boat engines, Laborde supplies the United States Coast Guard with Yanmar diesel engines for the RIBs used to support their USCG 87-ft. Patrol Boats built at the Bollinger Shipyard. The United States Army operates Laborde supplied Yanmar diesel engines in Survey Launches and the United States Navy just selected Laborde to supply Yanmar diesel engines for a new class of Riverine Craft for the Navy Seals. Last year, Laborde supplied a Breaux Brothers built 155-foot crewboat with four new 12-cylinder, 1200 hp Yanmar engines, the first Yanmar engines of this class sold and installed in a U.S. built crewboat.

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